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  1. V1.2.0 - 09/02/2019 • [ADD] 5 new aircrafts added: • Aeronca 11 Chief (General Aviation) • Zenith CH750 Cruzer (General Aviation) • Zenith CH750 Stol (General Aviation) • Mitsubishi A6M Zero Bomber (Military Aircrafts) • Mitsubishi A6M Zero Fighter (Military Aircrafts) • [NEW] Responsive website updated • [NEW] Java animations added • [NEW] Gap added between screenshots • [NEW] Screenshots resized identically • [NEW] Other new visual aspects implemented... • [NEW] AIRCRAFTS Page rearranged in columns by categories • [NEW] AIRCRAFTS Page background picture updated • [NEW] PLUGINS Page available (does not include Python or Lua scripts) • [NEW] My copyright added on the main background • [FIX] Some errors corrected: • Aircraft names sorted in alphabetical order (from the left to the right) • Aircraft names finish with the X-Plane Developer only in the photo gallery (Helicopters and Gliders category) • Code bugs corrected • Some other small script errors corrected... • [UPD] Version updated: • Robin DR401 --> V1.18 • Dornier DO-328 --> V1.5.0 • Boeing 737-700U ZIBO Mod --> V.06-23-19 • Boeing 737-800X ZIBO Mod --> V3.35_40
  2. V1.1.0 - 07/25/2019 • [ADD] 3 new aircrafts added: • Ilyushin IL-96 (Airliners) • Yakovlev Yak-40 (Airliners) • Kolb Firestar II (Gliders) • [NEW] AIRPORTS Page name changed to this new name: "SCENERIES" (which will later include libraries) • [NEW] Aircraft names sorted by categories in alphabetical order (General Aviation, Military Aircrafts, Airliners, Helicopters, Gliders) • [NEW] Aircraft names start with the Manufacturer followed by the Aircraft Type (and finish with the X-Plane Developer only in the photo gallery) • [FIX] Links corrected: • Github An-24RV link • Let L-410 Turbolet website • [FIX] Some errors corrected: • Wrong name below the Let L-410 Turbolet picture (Thanks to @Cdt Valentin™#6280 for the report) and below the Hughes 500D picture too • Correct version of the Robin DR401 --> V1.17 • Some other small script errors corrected... • [UPD] Version updated of the B737-800X ZIBO Mod --> V3.35_12
  3. The Free List is a website which list the BEST free addons for X-Plane 11 only. The website is not complete but it will be updated frequently: http://notiqn.free.fr/en/en-index.php Featuring a vast array of different features, The Free List is aimed at all addons, whether they are an aircraft which is modelised realisticly to fly correctly, or a airport which is optimized to save FPS, or graphics for user looking to improve his simulator. Features • Responsive website (not yet fully) • Fully translated • Languages: English & French (for now) • Intelligent photo galerie: pictures are classified by categories (General Aviation, Military Aircrafts, Airliners, Heicopters, Gliders) • Full Aircrafts Database with the latest Versions Coming Soon • Full Airports Database • Full Graphics Database • Full X-Plane Aircraft Modification by default • Visits Counter: fully automatic detection Uses • Just click on the addon's name below the corresponding picture to open the download link. • To navigate the photo gallery, use the arrows on the left and right of the image. • In the Contact page, you can send me message for more informations or to keep me abreast of new updates about addons listed in this website. • The Notification option can be used if you want receive an email when the website is updated (only for big improvement). • All copyrights are in the footer, just click on the little social network icons to open the corresponding link. The evolution of the initial release is on the x-plane org at https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/53645-the-free-list-the-free-filess-census-website/. The website will be updated regulary, and all minor or big improvements will be listed on the Discord server: https://discordapp.com/invite/RXzKEFy. The Free List's website is in a stable official version state but currently needs your feedback to make it more accurate. It is being actively developed and has a discord group for support. Feedback will be used to improve usability in general, changes to UI and add features people want to see in this free website. A big thanks to an old friends, Nøtion ! He built the structure of this new site and all the little things you should appreciate ! For this, all the copyright in the footer are his. He is a photographer, a talented artist in drawing and creativity, but also a fan of urban exploration who shares on his social networks and they are in the footer. Go look if you're curious (please join the following links). I thank him ! Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Nqtion/ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/nqtion/ Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5AROtA8d0tqP-Tfj0_K01Q Vimeo : https://vimeo.com/nqtion
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