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  1. For those out there with VR headsets could you post the type of unit you have and your experiences. I'm right on the edge of breaking down and buying one and I want to know which ones work best with X-Plane, and also if I should hold off for the next generation. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all. I've been into flight simulators for over 30 years. Used to work with the guy that first wrote FS at Hughes Aircraft. I was into MSFS up until that abandoned it. Which as it turns out was a good thing because it allowed X-plane to grow. I've always lived and worked next to airports so I've been enamored with planes, just never had the extra money to learn for real, so I do my best Walter Mitty using simulators. And with X-Plane I enjoy the openness of the planes and sceneries for modders and has gotten me to the point that I plan on doing my local airports on the Central Coast of
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