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    Awesome as always! Thank you for your contribution to the community! Quick question, are the Leap engines Carda's? If they are, are you planning on adding his P&W Neo engines also?
  1. Just found this one the other day. Very nicely done! https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46319-wsss-singapore-changi/
  2. Hi Marten, issues I'm having with FlyTampa Las Vegas are jetways not lining up appropriately. This isn't a problem on your end it is an issue with the scenery itself since I'm not having issue with this in any other SAM airport scenery. The marshaller issue is that FlyTampa didn't add them in which I think they should since the scenery is kind of expensive and freeware developers have been gracious enough to add them in.
  3. Anyone have FlyTampa Las Vegas and having issues with SAM? I've brought this up on their forum and haven't really got an answer from them. I think that their scenery isn't working well with the newer versions of SAM. I really like their scenery but I'm disappointed that for $32.00 I think I should get at least marshallers at all the gates. I'm interested in hearing from anyone having the same issues as me. Thanks!
  4. Marten, I don't believe that I'm using Steam with anything on my computer. I'll check to see when I open SAM Suite if Steam is running in the background. All works in X-Plane as it should and the plugin does recognize that I have World Jetways. Just thought it was odd that it started lately displaying that World Jetways was showing unlicensed in Sam Suite.
  5. Noticed a bug today. I have Sam World Jetways. In Sam Suite Version 1.4.3 it's showing unlicensed. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and it shows it's licensed. If I close Sam Suite and reopen it, it shows it's unlicensed again. In X-Plane I checked out the plugin and it shows World Jetways is activated. I'm assuming there is a problem with Sam Suite recognizing World Jetways.
  6. Really nice work Carda, Any suggestion on a good freeware sound pack or should I spring for the BSS soundpacks?
  7. For anyone interested, I've found a plugin on the Org that adapts SAM seasons to the temperature of the region you're flying in. It's called Four Seasons and so far works really well with SAM Seasons. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/44351-four-seasons-now-with-compatible-seasonal-packages/
  8. The latest SAM Suite is 1.4.2. Try a clean install of SAM Suite and see what happens. I recall I had issues with this also on a previous version. Hope that helps.
    Beautiful scenery! Awesome job! Very high quality freeware! Thank you!
  9. Looking forward to use on N858NW, Now it will have the correct engine combo!
  10. Follow their discord server. https://discord.gg/JgBExMWA
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