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  1. FlyingIron Simulations https://discord.gg/q6WpUft
  2. Zibo and ultimate are the same link
  3. I made a discord server for Coders in Xplane https://discord.gg/DA9qDXF anybody can Join maybe i will expand for MFS2020 too
  4. Also somebody is make Java Bridge too wondering if C# or F# work too ?
  5. Thanks but C or C++ is too Far from my level Lua is good
  6. Which Programming Languages i can use to Develop for X-plane 11 ? may i have a list
  7. MFS2020 Offical Channel on yt https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqONzeACDBaF6FfKjh7ndAQ/videos
  8. Can i animate water shooting from here at 100m/s to about 1000ft i am making for freeware scenery and if somebody can do i will appreciate
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