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  1. what i dont understand is when i download a tile to my custom scenery folder there is no elevation data so everything looks flat in some places especially the airport the parked cars look 2d but what i have also noticed is that elevation data does get produced but it is sent to the c drive for some reason so here are my two questions do i move the contents of the temp file produced by ortho to the custom scenery folder in my D drive or do i leave it as is? i tried to get elevation data from viewfindpano website but when i try to import dem file it wont let me select all in rar file so i dont know what to choose. do i use the downloaded dem file if so which htg for that region ?,if so which one? or do i use the ortho elevation data if so where do i place the elevation data folder?or do i leave it as is?
  2. i do a lot of flights from yemen to saudia arabia and cairo it would be nice to have this livery of my home country aircraft thank you
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