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  1. Yeah, I've tried it for about a year now since then, however I can't exactly say I'm in love with the plane, at least compared to the stock ZiboMOD -800 variant. There are a few things which bug me that I find dealbreaking, such as flight dynamics and some bugs in the systems even on the latest versions, however it's still a significant upgrade from the stock XP11 737 lol.
  2. I doubt it, considering in past releases of Microsoft Flight Simulator there were never two different variants of the same aircraft. The only exceptions are stock aircraft that had a different livery put over it such as those Global Freightways 747s, which used the passenger 747 design in FSX. If you do want a 747-8F, I've heard PMDG are shifting their entire focus to the MSFS2020 platform, which I find their aircraft extremely capable and realistic.
  3. And PMDG have ported their 767-10X to FS2004!
  4. I honestly don't mind, as long as we keep using X-Plane 10, we have a good 777
    I fly the C152 for my PPL training (and I'm pretty sure Adrian has one too), I also have the JustFlight add-on to compare it with. However I really don't think a comparison is necessary because there is none. In short, the JF152 looks like a Cessna 152 but feels like a scrap home-built airplane, and the Carenado/Nhadrian add-on simulates a Cessna 152. Some of the 152s I fly are vastly different than the versions included in your package (such as the G530 and HA-JON models), however the general model of the add-on is enough for me to actually practice on. I've rated this model 10/10 starts
  5. Yeah no problem, sorry for the late reply. (Edit: Should write in the PM)
  6. Yeah no problem . It's a wonderful aircraft too! Maybe the FMOD needs a little bit of extra work but other than that it feels just like the real thing!
  7. I had to download "Stage 2" from the ".org" because the "LowRes" installer was linked twice over here instead of both stages...
  8. Congratulations team! I can't wait to try out this beautiful looking bird! Edit: Now that I have tried it, lots of visual bugs, but other than that it's a joy to fly! Edit 2: Glaring visual bugs have been fixed.
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