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    Yeah, I've tried it for about a year now since then, however I can't exactly say I'm in love with the plane, at least compared to the stock ZiboMOD -800 variant. There are a few things which bug me that I find dealbreaking, such as flight dynamics and some bugs in the systems even on the latest versions, however it's still a significant upgrade from the stock XP11 737 lol.
  2. I doubt it, considering in past releases of Microsoft Flight Simulator there were never two different variants of the same aircraft. The only exceptions are stock aircraft that had a different livery put over it such as those Global Freightways 747s, which used the passenger 747 design in FSX. If you do want a 747-8F, I've heard PMDG are shifting their entire focus to the MSFS2020 platform, which I find their aircraft extremely capable and realistic.
  3. And PMDG have ported their 767-10X to FS2004!
  4. I honestly don't mind, as long as we keep using X-Plane 10, we have a good 777
    I fly the C152 for my PPL training (and I'm pretty sure Adrian has one too), I also have the JustFlight add-on to compare it with. However I really don't think a comparison is necessary because there is none. In short, the JF152 looks like a Cessna 152 but feels like a scrap home-built airplane, and the Carenado/Nhadrian add-on simulates a Cessna 152. Some of the 152s I fly are vastly different than the versions included in your package (such as the G530 and HA-JON models), however the general model of the add-on is enough for me to actually practice on. I've rated this model 10/10 starts, but that is not to say that the add-on is without flaw. So here's my take on the add-on: With this modification, a proper pre-flight is now possible. You can interact with components inside the engine which were not even modeled in the original Carenado version, you can shake the control surfaces similar to how you would flying an A2A aircraft in ESP, and you can check the fuel levels by opening the fuel cap on top of the wing and using the fuel stick. Now by pre-flighting I can also observe some of the new modeling. The engine modeling as I've stated has been pretty significantly upgraded over the non-existent engine modeling of the original Carenado version, as well as the wing modeling now finally has the Flap Tracks on it. Unfortunately the aileron rod seems to be still missing, hopefully that can be added in a future version. The rear modeling however has not been refined whatsoever, so it's kind of leaving me feeling the overall modeling of the aircraft being two-sided in a sense, with one being a low-poly exterior model on the wing, and high-caliber additional modeling in the cockpit and other additions to the plane. The cockpit area has so much potential to be great. You have the various panel option with the HA-JON variant, as well as the G530 variant, as well as the default variant. While the modeling might not have necessarily have been upgraded as much, I do find the texturing at least to have been significantly upgraded for today's standards, especially the new PBR is simply amazing! One flaw I did notice with the cockpit model is that the oil and fuel gauges are on the wrong sides, however I do think that has largely to do with carryover from the original Carenado plane which also had that same flaw. Starting up the engine, I do like the control-lock feature being introduced finally to this plane, hopefully (as a wishlist item) a throttle lock can be added in the future maybe. Unfortunately the startup procedure still has an unrealistic feeling to it, sort of like starting up your plane in Sierra ProPilot99. At sub-zero temperatures, and high temperatures with low pressure, the engine is incredibly reliable. The engine start is smooth and swift, and the transition in the animation from starting up to running is seemingly instantaneous. The engine behavior is a bit weird on the ground. Below 1200RPM, the engine should vibrate and give off a sputtering sound. Instead the engine sounds and feels like a lower-pitched - less intense 1200RPM at 700RPM. However in the air the engine is simulated quite well with the carb heat behavior and engine RPMs. The aerodynamics are basically perfect. Ground behavior, you can't turn the nose wheel when not in motion which is correct, v-speeds are correct, the plane stalls correctly, although the stall horn should sound for a little while before the airplane actually stalls as to give off a little warning of "hey you're about to stall", whereas here when the stall horn sounds then the plane stalls. Some of the other features I liked were the GoPros for cosmetics, and those extremely handsome sunglasses can be toggled. But in my opinion the coolest feature was the E6B! I've never seen another add-on for any simulator simulate an E6B, and I think that is an extremely cool feature for someone who doesn't own an E6B already unlike myself. Now I'm not sure if this is me or if it's a bug with my installation, it seems the side control panel has vanished since the previous version. I don't know whether that was intentional, just a bug, or if it's something wrong with my installation, but it's something I observed. Now to understand why I think this plane receive 10/10 stars despite the numerous points I've outlined in my review, I decided to factor in a bunch of key highlights and comparisons to which I think this plane is worthy of 10/10. The only remotely competitive C152 on the market is the JustFlight model, and I only think it's worthy to at least give a brief comparison. The JF152 is probably the most immersive feeling add-on I have, although that is definitely not to say it is realistic at all, which it is not. The ground handling on the JustFlight model is wrong - you can turn the nose wheel while standing still on the JF152 which shouldn't happen in real life, the time it takes to go from Idle to Full throttle is seemingly instantaneous on the JF152, and the modeling especially in the cockpit seems like it's a JRollon aircraft despite the fact that the oil/fuel gauges are on the correct sides. There's also only one variant of the JF152, and a highly limited control panel, and considering the JF152 is significantly more expensive than the base Carenado C152, there's absolutely no comparison. And finally a huge credit to the developer himself Adrian. I've seen in the forums over at the .org as well as over here, he's always responding to wishlist items, criticisms, and other ideas, and takes them to consider for a new version. He's always looking for ways to improve and striving for perfection, which not many developers these days do anymore, especially since he's listening to the community and looking over some of their advice. I know he has some sort of relationship with HA-JON, I don't know whether he owns it or not, but I can tell it has given him already a good reference to work off of, and it has clearly shown in his work! Due to these factors, and the fact that this is the most accurate simulation of a Cessna 152 you can find anywhere for any flight simulator, this add-on deserves a 10/10! There is definitely room for improvement for sure, but there are simply no other simulations of the Cessna 152 that can remotely compete as of now. I can't wait to see what is next for this wonderful project, and thank you for finally delivering a near study-level Cessna 152 for a flight simulator! If I did miss anything in the review, or if there are some inaccuracies in my review, please feel free to let me know, I'd be glad to have a look over it again. Also I figured now that I tried this add-on out I might as well write a proper review, maybe not FSElite or Threshold caliber, but maybe (hopefully) Threshold can hire me to do reviews part time .
  5. Yeah no problem, sorry for the late reply. (Edit: Should write in the PM)
  6. Yeah no problem . It's a wonderful aircraft too! Maybe the FMOD needs a little bit of extra work but other than that it feels just like the real thing!
  7. I had to download "Stage 2" from the ".org" because the "LowRes" installer was linked twice over here instead of both stages...
  8. ILPilot


    Congratulations team! I can't wait to try out this beautiful looking bird! Edit: Now that I have tried it, lots of visual bugs, but other than that it's a joy to fly! Edit 2: Glaring visual bugs have been fixed.
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