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    Medicore Screenshots

    Southwest expected to have new routes to Hawaii this month.
  2. Go to EFB, settings, aircraft config, look for the option "Global Units" change it from LBS to KGS. Click home, next page, save and load config. Then click Quick save button
  3. Will the scimitars and SATCOMs different obj files or are they fused together with the fuselage?
  4. KEWR. Not released too long ago. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46900-kewr-port-newark–elizabeth-marine-terminal-and-bridges/
  5. Eva Air A330-200 [Regular New Livery]
  6. Absolutely amazing! This is a true bird to fly in. Been wanting this for a while now.
  7. Didn't really start off in a simulator like FS98. I really got into fighter jet games from the 90s like USNF 97. My dad would teach me how to shoot down MIGs and SAM sites and he always bugged me about using the ILS system to land on aircraft carriers. I actually liked it. My first computer (family computer) had like Windows 2000 parts inside basically with 512 MB of ram and like a 16 bit OS. I cannot remember the graphics card or CPU since it's such a old machine At that time it was blazing fast. In 2018, I can't believe it still turns on. Boy, I had so much fun shooting down AI with my F14 Tomcat. After like a few years of playing. I got into the beautiful world of simulation I started from FS95, FS98, then FSX. I never really knew how much hours I reeled in but I can tell you I played the hella out of that. I would soon come to find me flying commercial aircraft a lot rather than fighters. Picked up FSX: SE around early 2016, nothing much changed or really happened. Didn't bother with P3D I knew it was just a clone of FSX. Then in 2017, I saw X-Plane 11, I holded off I joined the x-plane community in silence. It was the first time I've picked up a x-plane product "x-plane 11" it changed my life. I was so amazed how realistic it was by default. I was blindsided that there was a free 737 add-on called Zibo that changed the 737 in so many ways that it is once step closer to the real thing and there was no good add-on for the 737 in FSX for free. I did miss a few things from FSX though like missions, ATC, a variety of airplanes and etc. Ever since I owned X-Plane 11 I never regretted making my choice to x plane or came back to fsx.
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