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    PLEASE NOTE THIS SCENERY IS DESIGNED TO WORK WITH ALES PAYWARE, BUT IS FULLY FUNCTIONAL WITHOUT IT https://store.thresholdx.net/collections/scenery_/products/airport-layout-enhancement-solution I decided that LXGB needed a facelift. I took @STUART_H's fantastic work and updated it using @pyreegue superb scenery addon ALES. This scenery includes : 4k textures 3D models Wet and dry taxiways and runways SAM implementation Further down the line, I'd like to add some more custom 3D buildings I use this scenery with custom orthos, at ZL20 for the rock Required Plugins Autogate plugin Ground_Traffic plugin Required Libraries 3D_people_library BS2001_Object_Library CDB_library cemetary library world-models The_Handy_Objects_Library ff_library (not the Extended_LOD version) Mister_X NAPS_library OpenSceneryX PPLibrary RD_Library RE_Library RuScenery ADSparks library ALES Dev Lib If you like my scenery and want to buy me a beer https://paypal.me/acarterxp?locale.x=en_GB I hope you enjoy and feedback is welcome Credits: @STUART_H @pyreegue @MisterX6


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