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  1. rcburse


    I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but why are there two download files after pressing the download button? The files in the downloads appear to be the same.
    Absolutely awesome!!!! Never a doubt
  2. rcburse


    How do I copy to my google drive? Got it...thanks
  3. Is anyone else having a problem when pressing toga or thr button, thrust and throttles go to idle. The throttles will not move after this unless I disconnect the Auto throttle. Sometimes this does not happen and sometimes it does ???? I operate windows 10. This is the freighter version. I will try the other versions to see what happens.
  4. Wonder what happened to this site as it has been down for about a week now.
  5. Papi's don't show with 1.09. Anyone else?
  6. It's probably the strobe lights bouncing off the clouds. I believe it happens on default weather as well.
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