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  1. I guess you are not using vulkan/metal drivers !?
  2. I was following the procedure step by step and at the end I got an aircraft without engines! what engine do I need at the dialog where I can choose between the two types of engines at the beginning when plane get loaded to the sim, I did choose RR Engines!? update: ok, find it myself! @admin please delete
  3. I did use a VPN via Norway, with the same result "Here" is giving white pictures.
  4. Here is delivering only white pictures, is it off ?
  5. APXP seems to be not working anymore!?
  6. thank you very much. I did never know that x-plane compresses the .png into .dds itself. Now I understand the improvement, even the file size is bigger.
  7. first of all what is the big improvement using .dds instead .png textures in xplane? what .dds format are you using for your. textures there are a huge of formats. I have made and tested several but they crashed the sim while loading the plane
  8. thank you so much for your answer and your awesome work
  9. I guess it is for 321 and FF320 also not possible to have all tree VErsions in one folder!?
  10. Is it possible to merge all 3 versions of A319 (LEAP Mod, PW Mod and Standard) in one folder and rename the .acf file accordingly? cheers Thommy
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