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  1. X-Plane, stil my favourite flight sim, just flew to Bogata from Sydney, quite a trip, had to speed sim up a few times however very satisfying, flew the 737 Ultimate without a hitch, landing was shaky but safe, look forward to further upgrades, keep up the great work please.
  2. Hi, I started with Flight Simulator 2004 many years ago, just loved flying, upgraded to FSX and then found the PMDG 737 NG, I was hooked and have been ever since, loaded Orbx world scenery and never looked back, still have it on my old computer, however it appears the program will never be any better than it is now so I looked for an alternative and found X-Plane, after a few flights and using the Ultimate it is now my TGT flight sim, the lights, the feel, everything looks and feels good, and it appears the upgrades will keep coming, Frame rate is excellent, glad I made the move.
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