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  1. I'm running into an issue here. The jetways don't show
  2. Thanks! Downloaded and installed. Wonderful!! Winter season works!! Lot of hard work put in this project and it shows. P.S. (I'll give 10/10 stars in my review after working jetways. Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful scenery package. Just wanted to clarify this bit)
    Looks amazing! Especially the Winter season with all the snow and ice. Now with working jetways! Points to note: 1. If you encounter problems with invisible jetways, try setting your objects slider (in graphics settings of X-Plane 11) to high (medium did not work for me) 2. It uses the SAM plugin so you need to download the SAM suite. 3. A letter (either) A or M should should appear in the top left part of the screen. 'A' stands for Automatic so the jetway should connect in automatic mode. 'M' stands for manual mode, therefore it has to be connected using the manual mode in
  3. Ok, cool! X-Plane really does need seasons and with FS2020 setting the bar, an overhauled scenery.
  4. Tri-Cities, TN/VA to Nashville, TN. Video description has timestamps and with YT's sectioning of the video it's easier to navigate to the desired stage of flight
  5. I see snow!!! Please tell me that this DOES use SAM seasons. I'd really like another airport that is compatible with it.
  6. Short answer: My cousin's Sinclair ZX Spectrum. It had a flight sim on it. Never could land that plane (still can't do perfect landings )
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