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  1. Custom weather: set any wind you want, any clouds you want, any temperature you want... basically infinite possibilities Presets: few of options with all the stuff above preset for you -> like 5 possibilities. It's like in X-Plane, you have a few presets and than you can create your custom weather, is it really so bloody difficult to see the difference -_-
  2. It's not, custom weather means basically infinite possibilities of different weather, what I am saying is having few presets. That is something completely different.
  3. Would custom presets be possible? Few pre-made weather presets by you that would allow VFR if the IRL weather is bad or IFR practice if it's nice outside. This could still be possible by having multiple "weather systems" on your server, or am I wrong? Having few presets like CAVOK, few clouds with random slight wind, overcast, fog would be a good compromise to custom weather if that would be possible.
  4. Started working on the New Mexico One (best looking state flag ) also wondering when will the paint kit come out. Edit: pretty much done, just need to finish the fuselage when the paint kit arrives
  5. That's good to hear, but there can never be enough!
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