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  1. IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! IT LOOKS SO DAMN REAL!!! Can't wait for it, absolutely!!!! Your doing an amazing job! This looks way better than MSF2020 clouds. P.S. : the screenshot can be awesome if you get Airport Environment HD
  2. xEnviro is an incredible add-on. i had to get it time ago, not just at december and a word to people who say that's too expensive. xEnviro isn't more expensive than other Weather/cloud engines: xEnviro is an all in one: Volumetric clouds, better haze, better Skycolors, LEns flare effect and god rays (not bugged like skymax that you can see them also in the cockpit whil ntot looking at the sun), Seasons, snow, fog, volumetric lights, Weather engine. all this for 70$ Skymaxx Pro: clouds engine lens flare god rays and not working clouds shadows. 45$ + weather engine. 15$. and if you want also skycolors gt xVision (+18$) for a total of 78$ Active sky: weather engine 28$. Cloud art 16$. get xVision 18$= 62$ So why people say that this is too expensive??? you're doing an amzing job! best regards! and can't wait for 1.14, my GTX 1060 6 gb will be happy EDIT: if you want Skymaxx Pro at maximum you have to get also FS Global Real Weather (45$) so a total of 123$
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