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  1. Version 3.2.1


    Random Flight Database is a simple and easy to use application. It will allow you to randomly choose a flight according to your criteria. A default database is already included, but also the possibility for each user to create their own database. But it is not all, you can also extract the flights of the day for an airport, or extract the flights over a full week. It is an application that allows you to randomly choose from a default database or create flights by yourself accord
  2. Why use RFD ? The advantage of RANDOM FLIGHT DATABASE is that it is extracted from flightradar but also from other databases and it chooses randomly among this or these bases according to your choices. You can also do many other possible combinations, such as leaving each time from the arrival airport for each flight generated, but also selecting your favorite planes and airports. Simply choose the departure airport it chooses for you the arrival airport, but if not, choose the arrival airport it chooses for you the departure airport and all this according to the real dat
  3. 3.2.0 : - Choice of company logos (to add: put the image file (jpg, png) in the folder (company logos) and make sure that in the name of the file is the ICAO of the company. You can also email me send it via my email address in order to include it in the next update) - Add meteoblue for info weather - Add meteoblue for info weather straight line ride - Add extraction FlightRadar (Before 237300 lines, now 853 988 lines)
  4. 3.1.6: Possibility of adding to the file (Schedule.txt) already present without deletion of PFPX the new flights as well in repetitive as in single flight.
  5. 3.1.4: Bug correction In the favorite airports and favorite planes windows, added a menu allowing you to view just your list. Elimination of duplicates in the flightradar database
  6. 3.1.3: Replace summer 2019 with winter 2019-2020: Loganair Cargo Loganair SpiceJet SpiceXpress - Improvement of the world tour code - Improvement of PFPX export code - Bug correction - integration of new FlightRadar database (extraction from January 20 to 26), beta database for any problem contact me by email: mikoulprostgrandprix@gmail.com - Addition of possibility to import a TXT or CFG file, for preferred airports. 1 airport per line (contact the developer of SIMstarter NG P3D)
  7. 3.1.1: New code (I started from zero) Use of disk space reduced by 50% (deletion of base_union and base_user files) When updating more time for the creation of indexing and the merging of data A window will allow the choice of the user base when pressing on user base or default base + user base Removal of the activate user base function which becomes useless New World Tour option Please note: Renaming user databases without numbers and spaces Since the code is brand new please let me know about the bugs
  8. 3.0.7: Replace Summer 2019 by winter 2019-2020: Air Canada Express Air Canada Jetz Air Canada Rouge Air Canada Ameristar Jet Charter Fiji Airways Fiji Link Flydubai Mango National Airlines Royal Air Maroc Cargo Royal Air Maroc Express Royal Air Maroc Royal Jordanian Airlines Royal Jordanian Cargo S7 Airlines SA Airlink South African Airways Cargo South African Airways South African Express SriLankan Airlines Turkmenistan Airlines Uzbekistan Airways Cargo
  9. 3.0.6 : Replace Summer 2019 by winter 2019-2020: Aircalin ECHO Flight EU Flight Somalia Qantas Freight United Nations Add for option 2 + 3 the stopover option Ability to select multiple rows in the table and display them on a map. Add logos Tuto https://youtu.be/gstSk3vvaTw
  10. 3.0.5 : Replace Summer 2019 by winter 2019-2020: 21 Air Air Austral Air North AirAsia India AirAsia Japan AirAsia X AirAsia Ariana Afghan Airlines Avia Traffic Company Bamboo Airways Cambodia Angkor Air Etihad Airways Etihad Cargo Ewa Air Indonesia AirAsia LATAM Airlines Argentina LATAM Airlines Brasil LATAM Airlines Chile LATAM Airlines Colombia LATAM Airlines Ecuador LATAM Airlines Peru LATAM Cargo Brasil LATAM Cargo Chile LATAM Cargo Colombia
  11. 3.0.4 : Added save and load function https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=20/14/paa8.png
  12. 3.0.3 : Add option 0 + 6 + 8 and 0 + 6 + 7 +8 Add logos Fix minor Bug
  13. 3.0.2 Correction of user base bug when importing several Xlsx files into the same base (Please delete the user base (s) if you notice a problem in it) Minor bug fix Improvement : Addition of option during the choice of your criteria, the criteria is no longer empty. (If problem send email and / or with your dump files) Better logo detection Adding logos
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