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  1. i did buy it. just gotta force myself to be humble and wait for 1.14. im sure it'll be worth the wait.
  2. first off. i do own your product. makes no sense for me to make a nonsensical post when i don't own/never tried use. its been months now. my ocd is so crazy that im constantly reinstalling xp/xenviro to see if i get a better perfomance and i have a beast of a rig. but in all reality i think thats what it is, im frustrated. ill be waiting patiently though.
  3. shit is so annoying. i want to buy it so bad but the performance on 1.13 is so bad. and its been months and all i keep seeing is screenshots. what was the point of having a separate forum, asking users to sign up for a beta yet, here you state you dont do public beta. BRUV. bomboclaat.
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