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  1. You found the way to separate MSFX and X-Plane in your new threshold store, is it so difficult to do exactly the same for the releases and the updates ?
  2. More and more difficult to find one article on x-plane among dozens and dozens of others on MSFS. Dividing the site in half seems to be the only solution, unless you decide to abandon x-plane altogether. You promised not to do it but it is already done.
  3. Hello, Are you still, even a VERY LITTLE bit, a website builded to present us X-PLANE novelties too ??? I am using a Mac computer and I absolutely don’t care about Flight Simulator for Windows news. I was everyday on your website... but I think to leave you definitely and I hope I won’t be the only one ! Your articles no longer have any interest for me : you are no longer interested in X-Plane. I thought the « x » at the end of your name was for X-Plane, I was completely wrong. You should call your website « thresholdforflightsimulator.net »
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