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  1. It kind of breaks the self promotional rule but we have a weak spot for startups and small projects. So no harm done as far as I'm concerned. Good luck!
  2. NOT REPRESENTATIVE OF FINAL PRODUCT 1.12 is a performance update mostly so screenshots will be far between on this update. Most of the work has gone in to performance. It has been partially successful. Enough to warrant a closer look. Not going in to detail about what we have done so far but we found a way to improve performance slightly and reduce grain slightly at the same time. Cloud definition is still the same as before. Problem is you will probably find it less detailed since grain has been reduced to some extent. So we might have gotten some headroom to work on more definitions in the future. We have also put some elbow grease in automating the rebuild of each version so the compiling at the end stages of each production cycle demands less time and effort. Right now we are testing performance and general feel of the improvements and making sure we are in a good spot to either push the update or refine some aspects. That does not mean that we will push earler than my expressed hope for an end of the month release. But then again nothing speaks against it at this point either. We'll see.
  3. Ich verste deine Frage nicht. Es gibt keine Freischaltung, einfach nur ein download und auspacken genau so wie mit dem Zibo.
  4. I accidentally locked this topic in stead of the old screenshot competition... So sorry about that. Any one of you who have posted there after the winners were announced - please post in here in stead. And remember: 3 screenshots per post and one post per week! (I feel a random event coming up so mend your posts to qualify)
  5. Sorry for the huge confusion - this topic was supposed to be locked down and you all were supposed to post in the Promotional (RANDOM EVENT) topic which was locked down in stead... I must have been very tired. In any case. do post your screenshots in this topic instead - (locking this one down now)
  6. A trip back the memory lane This is the last time I had a seriously good time in xEnviro cloudsurfing. Test versions back then were limited lego sets. Parts of a main that still were to be assembled. Clouds had better definition, sampling resolution and less grain. But it kind of dawned on us how heavy xE was about to become. So I had one last cloud surfing moment before dialing back resolution and prepare the beta group for release testing. I seriously miss that though. Want that back. And we're slowly getting there. So this is my update for the day - we don't have anything interesting to show because xEnviro is in pieces. Progress is being made. No eta on 1.12 as per usual
  7. Version 1.11


    To anyone who has trouble getting weather and getting no weather error in 1.11 now: This is a temporary fix for you. Put this isn your xplane11/resources/plugins/xenviro/64 - REPLACE the file that is there. You can leave the file there for future updates. (Only for v1.11)
  8. I made that fix. And here is the direct link https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/511936129210253342/604666763371610113/xEnviro_1.11_temp_server_fix.zip
  9. Setting the agenda for how we receive questions is not accepted. If every question is answered within one thread it will be impossible to search for already asked question. So this is promptly denied. And becasue of the nature of this post it is hereby closed. As for the puddles it has to be implemented within the scenery. Wet tarmac is a somewhat different effect which you can turn off within the settings.
  10. Please use the pinned Screenshot competition for further applications. You will also have a chance of winning the random event
  11. Wow. Comments like these amaze me. The pure expectance of receiving freeware is baffeling...
  12. RANDOM EVENT WINNER! Tavakoli from the forum won the next competition prize! It's not really random... its my pick and I choose every time - the randomness is in when it happens. SO - if you thought this was a fluke tingy - think again. 10USD gift card coming your way Tavatoki. (PM me) To everyone: If you want your images to be featured in xenviro.net we do need your real name though. So when posting in the competition always add your real name.
  13. Guys - if you want your pic to be featured on xenviro.net you need to add your name
  14. Version 1.11


  15. Alright folks. 1.11 is out. We will try to have at least one release every two months at the longest but if we get stuck somewhere we will let you know and ask for forgiveness In any case, the long haul to volumetric rendering is done. And this is the first follow up release building on the volumetric noise rendering platform we released in 1.10. 1.10 will still be available for everyone and this is the reason: The development done on the clouds (a necessity to get other planned features and corrections done down the road) will give clouds better definition and more "lively" forms. But it comes at the cost of more pronounced grain. The grain is what defuses the under laying mechanics and making it less visible without blur can only be done with higher resolutions. This will however demand a huge impact on performance. So we're "tolerating" the grain at this point but are working hard on performance. It is however a longer run for the performance paths we have in mind. We will dedicate even more time on that going forward but are uncertain if we will see the results in 1.12. We hope to, but can't promise. Work planned for 1.12 is: Continue 4k specific performance Performance path 1&2 Cirrus importer with real world satellite data Alongside xE client updates Server issues are worked on. And updated. Changelog: ### [Known issues] Precipitation follows camera Unnatural cloud formations at high levels or squared sectors of clouds Snow coverage may appear in the regions where no snowfall encountered recently Default X-Plane night triggers lights artifacts ### Added Brightness slider Contrast slider Vibrance slider Gamma slider Button to close the Briefing window Control water waves checkbox ### Changed Noise mixing law for cumulus clouds Noise mixing law for cumulonimbus clouds Coverage procedures adjusted to match new cloud laws Basic volume sampling optimization Cloud Settings changed to Rendering Settings Simple preset changed to Natural Full preset changed to Vivid Settings window controls and elements positions. ### Removed In cloud effect checkbox.
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