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  1. Seriously ticking off items fast on the list now. Assembling r01 once all issues are gone. Team has been working extremely efficient the past few days with the aim of getting r01 ready today. BUT (!!) some issues create two or three new ones that have to be adressed. Just the nature of development and what every developer has to deal with some times. Hence we will never give ETA's. So, we're at the last 2-5% of 1.12. The hardest part of the build..
  2. These are Norway (NO source) ortho imagery. No new textures. The summer images are the original ones and the autumn colored ones are the ones that are altered by xEnviro in real time. Yes, it works on default, ortho, SFD Global and Orbx scenery. (Yes it works on airports as well - any scenery) xE seasons will include autumn and snow on top of that. Both being accumulative. We will probably ship these with 1.12 (been working on this inbetween when testing is needed and we had idle time) xE1.12b24
  3. if msfs2020 having support for more than 30 layers of clouds with good performance on Directx11 ... why would x-enviro only have only few for now.... Because x-plane isn't in any way optimized for the implementation this type of weather engine. And FS2020 has been built to include it. what are the avenues in x-plane engine that limit the hands of x-enviro developers .... is Laminar planning to make your work easy and open all blockages to give you free-hand to express the full potential of future x-enviro releases .... I won't go in to detail about our diuscussions with Laminar.
  4. We didn't release a "grain fix" patch because it is still being worked on. While testing was done on those aspects we developed other items like autumn so we didn't waste time idling.
  5. Season: Autumn in combination with snow. Both effects accumulate.
  6. Yes and that's how we do it as well. Tech is very similar. Two accents of the same basis. Difference being of course that they have mad the sim to include it while we are fitting ours in with something that doesn't necessarily like everything we want to do.
  7. Post your preview videos here in this thread I'll start off with Froogle's
  8. Looks like we have a simple cloud illumination going. We'll see if it stays in but these are first tests with cloud ilumination.
  9. So this is where the grain is at now with blur turned off completely And some more screenshots fot you (t18)
  10. Alright - we're back. Been a long absense from posting news. But we're back on track and productng test versions. Nr 13 is on the workbench so the following screens are from 1.12t12. No real news on the visual stuff apart from the grain reductiuon. Grain is still there - but reduced by 60-80% with same performance figures as before. As mentioned this grasin reduction was found almost by a fluke and got priority over the set performance paths. Thus performance tasks will now be back in focus. We'll see if we get those in before 1.12r1 but I suspect they will come in 1.13. Sectors are being worked on as well among other items we are chasing. Alright. Enough talk. Back to work. No ETA on 1.12 but we're working hard.
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