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  1. That's not quite what I meant. Most people put this in the downloads section, not the forums. I guess this works, but it's going to be far more useful if it is put in the downloads section.
  2. Nice work @@Georgedrubbe, but you phrase it as if it's an open download but there is no such download. Might want to fix that...
  3. How recently are we talking? Was it before you got this error message? I looked at your log and it looked like you were missing quite a few library objects, which are included by default when you reinstall X-Plane.
  4. Well, I would say to do what the message recommends: update/reinstall X-Plane. I've had errors pop up spontaneously and many of them can be solved by rerunning the installer.
    This is far better than the other GE mod. Thank you so much for your dedication. A PW version would be greatly appreciated too (no pressure though).
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