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  1. Set your layers to multiply over the base engine layer. Let me know If you need more assistance! -Steve
  2. Thank you so much! That is a nice boost to get us to the 321. Thank you for your support @Kingjaffejoffer, It means alot man, more than most would know.
  3. Yup, when I can afford it I will. Time are tough for us developers. I don't see myself purchasing it for the next month or so but I absolutely will. Donations are always appreciated and they go towards things like this.
  4. Yes, just waiting on A321 so I can release the mod for both at the same time. Cheers!!
  5. Flipped the #1 cowling and engine equipment, updated the mounts ("the hump") and a few other things. Took all of 5 minutes. I'll upload the fixes in a new version, clean up the page and manuals and release any of my liveries that are still hiding in the paint kit this weekend.
  6. @rafabass EDIT: So after investigation you are correct on the ports and the cowling equipment being in the same direction. The fins/deflectors are correct though (see my image). I am currently updating the mounts and a few other things so I will be sure to get this swapped around without messing with liveries..
  7. To all: The original Normal maps were made for the American Airlines livery. Each livery for each airline is different in the amount of clear coat. With each livery the artist should adjust the normal map to fit the look of the actual aircraft. Use the stencil tool from the paint kit to select the cowling normal map and copy and paste over itself then adjust the opacity to get the desired amount of reflections. Also whoever wants to release the included liveries go ahead, just make sure someone has not already posted them. If you have never tried painting a livery start with these engines. Grab Affinity Photo (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/photo/) and play around with the trial version. If you like it and are having fun purchase it and keep making more liveries! Have fun! Get involved!
  8. @GridiroN Yes, this is just for "visuals", BSS is allegedly making a sound pack. Not sure If he has progressed with it at all.
  9. Wow, haven't seen this one yet @MaclaoRD.
  10. Yup not up yet, I've been at work all day. I'm not sure exactly when I can get back to this, right now I'm in crunch mode for our next aircraft. That is my focus right now. As soon as it is fixed I will let you know. Thanks for your patience.
  11. Version 1.0.1


    Well after a year of collecting dust, I offer up my beloved IAEV2500 engines built specifically for the FFA320U. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Full PBR texturing, completely animated interior, exterior and reverse animations. THE INCLUDED TEXTURES ARE FOR THE AMERICAN AIRLINES LIVERY. The paint kit includes several other liveries ready to be exported or edited! Have fun!!! 2k and 4k versions available Please read the manuals. When making a new livery with these make sure to set up the new IAE folder with textures within the new livery folder, for example: Flight Factor A320/liveries/New Livery/objects/IAE The installation is pretty complicated for newbies, so I included a walk through in the Manual included within the engine zip files. A simple paint kit with manual is also included. One version for Affinity Photo users and a psd for PS users. Without specific information from the aircraft developers on when to drive the animations, I did the best I could. There are times it is not as smooth as I would hope for. Please enjoy this and create as many liveries as you can with these! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BUY ME A BEER! or a Toliss... If you feel the desire to donate please use this link via paypal (<click here) or If you would like to support me and get something pretty rad out of it then check out my Pocket Rocket turboprop! https://torques.im/CIJcVY Thanks!!! >Special thanks to those that have supported this effort! @Joshua Sumner @Kingjaffejoffer Known bugs to be addressed for V2: -See through decals (markings) on the engine cowling -"Cranky" animations (in progress) -Left engine flip -Mount "hUMp" -Green Inner lining -Update to current "Torquesim" PBR standards If you find anything else please let me know! UPDATES: Please read these before continuing 12/27/19- THE MANUAL IS BEING REVISED. Please make a duplicate of the A320 main folder and just overwrite that acf in planemaker (A320.acf) after adding the engines. Users are finding an error with two acf files in the same folder. (Fix by @pedroquitas1) 12/29/19- Make sure you set the lighting mode in Planemaker to "exterior glass" only for IAE_FAST_L.obj and IAE_FAST_R.obj (Fix by @Lufthansa2000) 12/29/19- Alignment issue : Adjustment to coordinates in manual LAT. LAT. Left objects -000.20 Right objects 000.10 (Fix by @Forestrider) Please read the manuals. *****WARNING DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE THESE FILES WITHOUT PERMISSION. PLEASE, ASK FIRST.***** Installation video by V1-Simulations - make sure to read everything above as well as watching this. TOLISS CONVERSION:
  12. I'll be releasing these once I have the free time to put together a complete installation manual and finish some PBR adjustments. If I had any communication with FF I could make this a bit easier but for those that really want these engines it will take a few minutes in Planemaker for things to work. The process will need to be repeated for every single update they put out as a new .acf is created...I hope people enjoy them. That is all I wanted. A320 - 2019-12-02 10.20.00 PM.avi A320 - 2019-12-02 10.21.56 PM.avi
  13. Version 1.0


    Just a fun, slightly weathered US Navy Trainer livery for The Pocket Rocket version 1.1.0. The original livery is sported by the Navy's Beechcraft T-6 Texan II Enjoy!
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