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  1. why the plane maker file not include, i try to do but fail
  2. Updated to 1.15, And why not injecting weather on vulkan ?
  3. Good if we can resize xenviro menu , because i reduced my resolution to 1707x720
  4. me back to v1.0.7s because more fps and cool effect, 1.13 too heavy for me, so hoping its promised performance on new version, at least i have msfs for grpahic satisfication.
  5. wth talking msfs vs xp11, we talking xenviro here that not out at the moment :( give us the beta please we too already apply for it :( we waiting soo long, crazy.
  6. for small cloud, xenviro good, but for cloud like this picture, no one i ever see in xplane, thats xenviro should work
  7. first thing i wanna see fps on my gtx 1050ti , unable to run in 1080p, while fs2020 can. so i hope promised performance, thats it.
  8. great news sir, waiting for it 1.14 still because same on me in vulkan when running my primary plane the A320 from flightfactor, and then waiting 1.15, thanks, appriciated with all you work.
  9. xEnviro is equal to msfs graphic, but please improve efficiency performance of rendering cloud, developer doing rigth path.
  10. yaay my guessing is right, 1.14 update after fs2020, so give me the price ? lol just kidding, but yeah maybe beta 1.14 lol, anyway im relaxed, already bought msfs2020, and my friend laught at me because its cheaper than xenviro, lol but i tell him no problem as long as i can buy, just enjoy
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