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  1. @Argaeus yes that works too. or uninstalling the sim does the same thing.
  2. @DarthBelan idk man i did that and it worked for me, sorry, i just wanted to give you an idea how to fix it, cause it worked for me. plus i think SAM is going to release an update for it so it shouldn't be much of an issue
  3. even if you validated the install still, re install x-plane you will have to go into your x-plane directory and manually delete the files there because steam wont uninstall the files therby leaveing the issue, you must remove the files and then press uninstall on steam and have a fresh install of x-plane. @DarthBelan plus im sure SAM is working on an update soon to fix this issue.
  4. OK ill check into that thanks, ive reinstalled it multiple times so im expecting the same issue thanks @Kram!!!
  5. same issue 3 years later. Re-shade wont fix it wont they....
  6. im in for it! if you have room please count me up for it. thx
  7. yeah i agree there isn't many jets for X-Plane really... heads up https://store.x-plane.org/Business-Jets_c_23.html
  8. OK there has been many people facing this issue including myself! but there is a way to fix it. try uninstalling any previous versions of SAM jet ways and try installing the latest version. but do keep in mind that this is a bug and SAM is working to fix it. if that doesn't fix the issue try running X-planes installer or check for any updates that might be interfering with the add-on ( that was my issue ) or try to remove SAM entirely and retry it! should work! Best of luck!
  9. i did that @Kram but i recently re installed x-plane and i don't think you would need to that. i think its in my log.txt but i dont know how to understand the log.txt file. i cant run x-plane at all nothing seems to work, it might be my custom scenery folder tho...
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