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  1. Great pictures! Nice that you post them here aswell!!
  2. Is it mandatory to " Have the option to install a second copy if X-Plane for testing purposes " ?
  3. You are great. Thank you for developing such a nice aircraft. Nice attitude. More people should adopt this attitude! Looking forward!
  4. They are amazing! Wow you guys are doing an amazing job. This looks great. Really like the new scattered clouds. And they look so real! I can't wait for this update ? moving clouds are coming also with this update right?
  5. Can we expect these amazing overcast moving clouds in the next update?
    Amazing scenery! Thank you for your hard work. I admire people, who spend their time making amazing scenery and publish it for free! Thank you. Very detailed and nice 3D buildings.!
  6. Appreciated! Thanks! If you are searching beta tester, you know where you can find me ?
  7. Very nice progress! Are there already some API for scenery developers? Looking so forward to 1.10 ! The 1.09 is already amazing, in my view. How is the performance yet? Can you say anything about it or will it change frequently? Looking so forward and the new scattered clouds are freakin' awesome!!!
  8. Great list! I will add EBBR - amazing scenery https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/46175-project-brussels-02-public-download/
  9. For me one of the best freeware is EDDK - Cologne https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/42950-eddk-colognebonn/ Amazing 3D Building, with amazing ground textures, gates and more!
  10. Thanks, couldn't decide where to post that sorry ? Thank you Magnus for your continues help! Really really appreciated! You helped me for month and tried to find a suitable solution for my problem!
  11. Version 0.9.0


    Shared Cockpit File for the Flight Factor A320 [VERSION 1.1] - Thank you for more than 1.000 Users!!! We appreciate your support! IT'S A PLEASURE to release this version and upcoming UPDATES on THRESHOLD! Captain Dave is releasing the first SmartCopilit File for the Airbus A320 by FlightFactor... It is currently under beta status... almost everything is working now! Nevertheless there are some bugs which can not be fixed until now. I will continue my work all the time and you can send me all your bugs!! WHAT IS WORKING? [VERSION 1.1] - Almost the whole overhead is working (except APU Fire test, which caused huge fps drops) - MCDU are synced well, make sure not to type very fast and press sometime a bit longer. PopUp should work, but try to avoid it. - Radios, FCU, Pedestal, Joystick, Rudders, Thrust Levers... and more are working WHAT DO YOU NEED? You will have to install the A320 Connector plugin from @mokny The FFA320 Connector allows to have intern variables of the Aircraft as Dataref! So if you wanna use datarefs, you can also use this plugins. However, the plugin from him was taken from the store and cannot longer be downloaded! If you do NOT OWN it, write me a private message or try to conact him. INSTALLATION Drop the custom.cfg into the FF A320 Connector folder. Then paste the smartcopilot.cfg in the Flight Factor Aircraft folder. That's it! LAST WORDS... ... thank you so much to your amazing help. The biggest thanks to all of them who helped me with the file. Biggest thank to @CaptainLouis - check him out!! @mokny - Thanks for the amazing plugin and your help! You are great! @Applefan1902 - Thanks for helping me and your great bug reports ! @Birdy.dma - Amazing work and help! Improvements in the files Thanks to @cZollo, @Matthew Christopher, @WR269, @SCollins, @falko06 and more more more!! You are a amazing community!
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first livery for the Flight Factor A320! I made the very simple easyJet SmartLynx Estonia livery, with the registration ES-SAP. Hope you like it!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Hello guys, this is my first edit of the ground vehicles, which come with the Flight Factor A320! This is my first edit for the Frankfurt Airport! I tried my best, however there are some limits with the paint kit. INSTALLATION To install it just drop the downloaded image into the specific liveries folder. Here we go I WANT MORE I already got a request for British Airways / London Heathrow and will try to do it ASAP! If you have more whishes comment below, or drop me a private message! FEEDBACK If there is something wrong, just drop me a note, I will try to correct it Captain Dave
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