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  1. Whoa.... Artifacts? What artifacts???? Awesomeness!
  2. When it worked for me that first time I did note the loading of the environment was a bit slower...but only obvious as in seconds...not minutes. I did note performance did drop in terms of FPS, but the full Xenviro environment loaded and there was no issue......until I tried another session. Oh well...it will be great when all these bugs and sync issues are shaken out.
  3. P.S. My settings are with VULKAN switched on. Yes...I did see it work, once. Performance did take a hit, but it was working via the VULKAN setting. Have not tried for opengl.
  4. ...hmmmm....perhaps not! Switched it on the first time and it loaded. Now trying another session and Xenviro banner displays but stays on screen. So that's not good...I retract..
  5. XP,, 11.5b4 released, Xenviro not yet working.
  6. Very photogenic...this one! ...Just needs some stars!
  7. Awesome update. I'm loving the ambience and vibrance introduced by xenviro color management. Everything is that much more realistic in presentation. The clouds remain a work in progress, but the only real competition is reality.... and that will be hard to beat. Thanks xenviro.
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