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  1. Hi there!! My name is James. I'm an avid simmer, Love my commercial jetliners. I started my flight simming days with Microsoft flight sim 95 and worked my way up to X-Plane! Absolutely love X-Plane! After battling with FSX for several years, X-Plane is a godsend lol! My aircraft of choice is the FF A320. I love Boeing but for me, The Airbus is very satisfying. I'm not a super " Die Hard " simmer and don't have tons of add-ons and scenery. I keep it pretty basic and utilize what the sim has to offer. My home airport is Boston Logan International. Mister X has replicated this airport very well. So that's me. Hope to meet people and share expertise in the Flight sim world. Just a quick question. REcently purchased the FF A350. Looking for a good RR soundset for it. Any suggestions would be helpful. Also been thinking about emailing BSS and seeing if they can make a nice sound pack for it. Cheers, James
  2. Recently purchased this scenery!! Absolutely beautiful. I live in Boston but is a great flight to do from time to time. I'm having a slight issue, cant seem to get the ATIS working. According to the airport chart, the frequency is 127.800. I tune to that and nothing happens. Any suggestions?
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