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  1. As of now they're reprogramming stuff and continuing bug crunching (source: Discord)
    Exactly what the screenshots show, no performance hit that I could see. Definitely adds realism to the X-Plane world. Thank you for making this.
  2. Version 69420


    When you end up waiting too long for an up-to-date, currently flying irl livery for the 767-200 so that you can actually use the plane, you end up pushing yourself to make your own. I guess I did it, yay. Here's a Boeing 767-200 in the Omni Air livery for your eye candy pleasure. Omni Air international (OAI) is an airline based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are known for their charter services for the United States Department of Defense, primarily flying troops overseas (as well as wet-leasing). They currently operate a fleet of 2 Boeing 767-200ERs 1 Boeing 767-200F, 7 Boeing 767-3
  3. I started on FSX, bogged down my PC, got a new PC for XP11, and never returned. Try to make a shorter story.
  4. Just got an idea today. X-Plane 11 doesn't allow reverse thrust to push water on wet runways. A lua code to let that happen would look amazing.
  5. I actually solved the problem by changing my text editor. I was using the default notepad on my PC. I downloaded notepad++ and it works great now.
  6. It wont work for me. I am using FlyWithLua complete and did everything the instructions said, including the .lua suffix. Is there something I am missing? Edit: I found out that Lua isn't running any of my scripts despite being installed. Why?
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