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  1. Thank you so much! These engines look amazing. I'm really hoping you also come out with the PW variant.
  2. I'm getting apparently random CTDs. I just tried my first flight with this plane twice (CYUL-CYVR), and I got a CTD each time, once about an hour into the flight and another time about 3 hours in. The log.txt revealed nothing, just normal scenery loading messages then 'this application has crashed'. Is there any system log or anything I can access next time to find out the root cause of these crashes?
  3. Old post, I know, but this is the first time I've come across it. I can't help but notice those eyebrow windows..... are they painted on or can we expect real eyebrow windows as an option on the -700?
  4. What are the twitch names of the people streaming it? I only know of jonfly.
  5. Great list but I think 'close to release' is a little misleading. The way I've seen it interpreted by some is "any day now", whereas you seem to be using it to mean 'regular development progress updates'. I think that you should save the 'close to release' tag for products with a firm release date or for when devs indicate that it's late in beta testing and will be out extremely soon. Otherwise, I think a 'regular dev updates' or 'in active development' tag would be more appropriate to avoid confusion. Also, Milviz is very wishy-washy about the ATR. Since the post you linked, they have s
  6. First off, thanks for this awesome plugin. Autogate served us well for years, but this is a worthy replacement. I have a scenery project I was working on but it's been on hold for over a year for a variety of reasons, one of the main ones being the lack of appropriate jetways. The scenery is a small airport that has small, ground-level entry jetways made for regional jets. These are pretty common here in the US at both small airports and large ones with extensive regional hub operations (the biggest that come to mind are Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Memphis, JFK, and Detroit). Would it be possible
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