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  1. So did a bit more testing. After reading here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/147271-no-clouds-over-the-ocean/ If nothings changed since then (which idk) then essentially i think xenviro covers oceans by extrapolating METARs from costal stations, which sure can provide an approximation of cloud coverage. I decided to give it a test, because i found it weird that in my last flight i saw CAVOK while i should of been seeing OVC and FSGRW also depicted ovc over the same area. For this test i just dragged a plane over different spots of the atlantic lol heres what i f
  2. Thanks for the reply! Yeah so, not a bug; as in it doesnt feature ocean coverage persay. Kinda of a big thing tbh. I dont know about x plane limitations but I know other weather engines such as ASXP and FSGRW have coverage for cloud drawing over the oceans, so if i had to guess its probably that xEnviro doesnt have a source for the information needed to allow for cloud drawing, which hopefully is a priority. Hopefully a dev or someone can give us some insite considering that this is even listed on the roadmap, and seems like quite a big missing feature? EDIT Did a little
  3. Ive come back to xplane after a year or so of not touching it, and have had xEnviro since its launch back for xplane 10. Decided to give xEnviro 1.13 a go. Im very impressed with its visuals, and for me atleast, the performance is good enough. And I am looking forward to future improvements to the product, however I do have a question: Back when i was using it early on, I remember that there was an issue with it depicting clouds over oceanic airspace (aka no airport METARs nearby, eg over the atlantic) hence whenever flying over large bodies of water you would get clear skies even if that
  4. Looking fantastic guys? Just a question regarding thunderstorms, will we xEnviro show lightning and also output thunder sounds to go with it? And also i assume Xenviro will have its own precip effects (Eg rain and snow) like older versions? Thanks guys
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