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  1. Sure thing! Thanks Magnus!
  2. Hello everybody! This topic will serve as a support/informational forum regarding updates and news for our KCVG product. We're looking at releasing a new version in the next few days that provides bug fixes and improvements. Of note, these updates include: -Fixed normals for jetways at Concourse A and Concourse B. -Added new jetway variation at Concourse A from recently acquired historical photos. This jetway is parked and connected to a ramp-level tunnel to service regional jets. -Rescaled cables on jetways to be more realistically proportioned. -Added more detailed/realistic hoods to jetways. -Fixed some ground poly errors where orthophotos were showing through. -Fixed position of parking garage lights. -Fixed doubling of some dynamic lights. -Added new light posts by Terminal 2's employee parking lot due to acquisition of historical photos. -Fix for missing Terminal 2 for some users. -Fixed UV Mapping for flood lights by Fedex Parking Area. -Made Normal Maps for ramp textures slightly more shiny during sunrise and sunset. -Recolored various ground textures slightly to blend better, as well as other small improvements to help with overall 'presentation' of scenery. -Various fixes to save on VRAM . -Reorganized/Renamed scenery package folders to make for easier installation process.
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    Hello! Love it so far!
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