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    Brilliant livery - been looking for this airline for a while and glad it's been done. Thanks for the great work!
  1. Cheers I'll make those changes - it appeared when I disabled Worldjetways so thought it was an issue.
  2. Apologies, the airport is ENVA and this issue occurs in a few others. The jetways should be short like in that image, however worldjetways doesnt seem to support this and therefore no jetways show up. Occurs quite a lot in Norway and Scandinavian countries with jetways that are this style: Thanks
  3. Please fix this, to show these jetways you have to disable Worldjetways. Thanks!
  4. Anyone know a good source for Croatia? Google has lots of colour mismatches Thanks
  5. Hi all, When I enable deep winter, I will get whiter default textures and terraflora will not work - is this correct? If I disable deep winter, and enable terraflora, I will get SFD Global enhanced textures and terraflora working? Thanks!
  6. Hey, thanks for this. one issue is that the logo does not show on the tail during night - I have attached an image. Thanks
  7. Hi there, where can I increase the limit in the latest version? Using WorldJetways and SAM
  8. Added one in via WED, however they do not appear when using Vulkan. How can I fix this? Thanks
  9. Hey, does this stop the clouds themselves from flickering?
  10. Hey all, Completed a flight in the FF 753 to KSAN. Attempt to click on parking on the latest SAM, and the game crashes. Log is attached. This only happens when clicking on the parking tab - other tabs work. Happens in all airports. Thanks Log.txt
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