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  1. Hi there, MROC is out with SAM working on every gate! Find it here
  2. I will give a try at this and I'll show you the results.
  3. Hi all, About the MROC scenery, I'm working right now on a big update of it which includes a entire new taxiway. That takes some time, but the SAM plugin is on it already and fully working. I've tested the gates with all the possible aircrafts there (A330, A320, A350, 767, 777, 787, 747-8, 737 series) and the result has been a sucess. I hope to have the update by the end of the week, once it's done, I'll let all of you know. Cheers!
  4. I've adapted my freeware MROC airport with SAM, works like a charm. Next update will ship with it.
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