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  1. Thank you as always for a look into the development process. I was outside today, looked up into the real sky and saw some meh, average clouds and thought to myself, "Wow, these would get killed on Discord!" Keep pluggin'.
  2. Thanks for the update, and we wish you good fortune with the ongoing development!
  3. Tremendous resource. Thank you!
  4. I'm pretty astonished you can do what you're doing with 4K and maxed reflections and objects with XE on a 2070. I have a 1080Ti (in theory, a bit faster) and there's no way I could achieve that kind of result. I bow to your customizing! BTW: Is it better to do AA via the panel than via XP settings?
  5. Ouch, not sure I like the idea of turning that off, or why that should uniquely matter to XE vs anything else. Is there a way to tell the Exploit Feature to just except the XP or XE process without throwing the gate wide open?
  6. Hi Kittster. I see the issue this way: XEnviro is the only really transformative add on for XP. The lighting, the look, nothing else is like it. All other add ons are just nibbling on the edges of the look by comparison. Regardless of GPU strength, though, you're probably going to need to dial down some settings to make it work at acceptable FPS, be it shadows, AA level, etc, especially in comparison to other add-ons like SMP. I have a 1080Ti and no doubt I could up my settings in any other add-on vs XE. There also is a slight stuttering to using XE that's there at any FPS no matter how good (that we're all hoping will be a thing of the past in the upcoming 1.14 release). While I'm relatively new to XE, history does seem to show that development pacing in on the slower side compared to some other add-ons, but I've observed that, in general, development pace in flight simming is pretty slow compared to some other areas, so it is what it is. All that said, I absolutely at this point wouldn't fly without XE. It just completely changes the look and realism. It's almost impossible for me to go back to 2D clouds and the little halo of weather that follows your plane in almost every other add-on. We're going to start seeing some more claims of volumetric changes from other upcoming plug-in updates (UWXP, XAmbiance, and even I think SMP) but for now, as far as I'm concerned, XE is the only appearance/weather add on I'd use. I tried the Vulkan update, and it's great getting 50 FPS in Manhattan with high settings, but it isn't worth it if it doesn't look and feel like XE. Worth the money, get it.
  7. I certainly wouldn't wait every day... I don't even think 1.14 is even in beta yet from what's been posted here. I hear you, though. Any performance upgrade of 1.14 would be very welcome here as well...
  8. To each their own. I tried the beta and, yes, while the performance gain for me was amazing even on a 1080Ti (almost double the FPS from what I usually get with xE and it allowed me to crank up settings), there are lots of issues: To me, despite the performance, the look and feel was like going back in time a few years prior to xE... Just not the same. It's a beta, which means lots of bugs and things don't work... By design. I'm glad most of your add-ons work, but almost all of mine don't (as expected), and it's just not a good experience without them... So, for now, I'm happily going back to 11.41 and will test 11.5 from time to time to help find and fix bugs, but right now, I'm more eagerly looking forward to xE 1.14 than Vulkan. As long as xE can squeeze a few more FPS out of it to routinely keep things at 30 (transitioning through clouds I'm at 20-25 right now), I'll be a very happy man, as for me at the moment, XP without xE just isn't an XP I want to fly. So many jaw dropping moments with xE... @Captain KittenThank you so much for the photos and development updates! And, of course, thank you for xE.
  9. Have you been a beta tester before? Yes, many times, going back decades If so for what? Games, medical software, office productivity software Are you familiar with test routines? Yes How much time can you dedicate to this in a week? During this time of Coronavirus, almost unlimited. Normally, about 10 per week Which weekdays are you most likely available? Best are Fridays or Sundays Your location (Country and City): Boston, MA, USA Your Discord name: Iiari #9809 Your system spec: CPU Intel i7 9700k GPU Nvidia 1080Ti RAM 32 GB Screen resolution 3440x1440 wide angle List your addons: I own many weather add-ons (SMP, UWXP, ASXP, X-Vision, etc, XE is what I use most). Also, XPRealistic Pro, Traffic Global, flywithlua, AutoPause, ortho, many custom sceneries, SFD Global, Navigraph, Better Pushback, AviTab. Planes: Zibo, MAX line, FF767, FF777, Magk 787, ERJ family, E195, multiple GA's, Dornier commuter.
  10. Hi all. Huge XE fan, it really changes the sim experience and has been amazing. On 3440 x 1440 wide screen, using XE and an FPS maximizer like 3jFPS-wizard or FlyAgi I generally have my FPS ranging from, say, 24-35, which is certainly playable. This is everywhere except when I'm right below or right above the clouds, when FPS dips into the high teens during that transition phase. I'll be about 25 or 26 in the clouds, but immediately above and below things slow down. Any suggestions for what I should be doing in settings in XE or anywhere else to aid in FPS during that phase? Or just wait for 1.14 ? Same thing, BTW, in looking into the distance. The horizon being in the frame drops FPS by 5 or so. If I move the view to cut out the horizon, things jump up. Thanks!
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