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    Tired of manually adjusting your throttle in cruise when all you want to do is make a cup of coffee? Afraid something might go wrong while you´re gone? - Don´t worry! Otto is here to take care of you. -> Otto-throttle is a basic auto-throttle script that adjusts your thrust based on your selected speed. -> Intended to be used in cruise with the FlyJSim 732 & 722. Install Place the otto_throttle.lua file inside your FlyWithLua scripts folder. -> X:\<PATH TO XP>\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts\otto_throttle.lua Usage Can be toggled on or off via the plugins menu. -> Plugins > FlyWithLua > FlyWithLua Macros > Engage OTTO THROTTLE *Requires FlyWithLua
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