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  1. robertd903

    Pesky tropical shorelines

    Buildings? When using ORTHO4XP, I know the ACTUAL roads can be realistically produced--but, what about the ACTUAL buildings?
  2. robertd903

    Introduce yourself! What got you using X-Plane?

    Personally, I was introduced to FLIGHT SIMULATION, back in the CGA/EGA/VGA days--when there were only 16 colors max! I "upgraded" to MSFS (Microsoft Flight Simulator) Then FS98...FS2000...FS2002...FS2004...then, FSX. One day, while looking for a more realistic flight simulator--I got to try the X-PLANE 11 DEMO. The graphics were so impressive, I put away FSX and became an X-PLANE 11 simmer from then on!

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