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  1. This plane just came out and has the usual AeroBask VR treatment. But the VR config file only has two lines in it. It is a very new plane, but fun to fly and would really benefit from your magic. AeroBask would be doing themselves a favor to gift you the plane so that you could tune it up. Cheers.
  2. Hi guys, The DA62 isn't bad in VR, but there are a few switches that don't work right. Pitot Head doesn't respond to the controller and several others that I don't remember. Generally it is VR ready, but there are flaws that the experts could eliminate in very little time. Best regards....
    I flew a quick circuit and found the plane very pleasant. Since I fly in VR, I noticed things that were missing in VR. I use PlaneCommand to control most of the knobs and switches - I speak and my virtual co-pilot carries out my commands. "Heading 270" amd the copilot echoes my command and changes the setting on the MCP. The numbers in the little windows roll to the new setting and the magenta line on the HSI also moves to the new heading. The Zibo does all this but the Ultimate doesn't. Most of the AP commands don't respond to voice. Since you guys work with Zibo, maybe you can find out how h
  3. I have also noticed that. One solution would be to switch to outside sound if the window or doors open. I don't know how hard that would be to implement, but I noticed the lack.....
  4. Mine works, but it is fussy compared to the other M20 models. You have to explicitly turn the AP on before anything works and of course the servo switch needs to be on for it to work. Then you have to push Heading. The plane needs to be very close to what the Flight Director is requesting before the AP will engage - so you need to hand steer and control altitude to coordinate the Flight Director. Then the AP should engage......
  5. I have found that the GTNs work in 2D, but not in VR. In VR you have to use a floating window to get a response from the controllers. In 2D, the mouse works fine on the screens. Of course, you have to activate the GTNs with their own menu in the plugins menu.
  6. I can't imagine VR without PlaneCommand. You just tell your copilot what you would like and the copilot fiddles with the knobs, dials, and levers - leaving you free to pay attention to where the airplane is going.
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