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  1. Hi, I use blue-fx, so colors may be different, but for the first pitcture I used Pear version. If you do not use any shader like reshade or bluefx I recommend avocado or melon version.
  2. Version 1.1.1


    Have you ever dreamed of having MFS2020 sky in X-Plane 11? There you go! Meet xSky! Hi, for last 10 days I was working on beautiful sky color to X-Plane 11. I tried to create X-Plane 11 sky textures, similar to those in the MFS. This textures are not copied or converted from MFS2020! Here you can donate me via PayPal, for further development and new projects Working on OpenGL: Yes Working on Vulcan: Yes Working with Active Sky: Yes Which version to choose? In this project you can find 5 versions of sky colors. They are differ in t
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