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  1. Check, understood. Sorry new here, placed the file there! Thanks!
  2. Version 1.0.1


    Hi all, just download the file place it in Xplane/aircraft/tolissA321.../objects/Leap Engines directory. That's all! Have fun!
  3. Dear Kram, thought honestly it was thee herewith attach it again. Download the . png image and place it in the mentioned directory.
  4. Dear All, You can find a nice Neo KLM version of the A321 Neo except fr the engine nacelles. Took me the freedom to alter the AA nacelles delivered with the Toliss file and added the KLM logo. Simply repalce the file in your aircraft/ Toliss/objects/ leap engines. Cheers!
    Such a perfect job, wow. One small snack, the RH engine file and RH N! file don't want to load into plane maker. Unzipped the file again tried again, unfortunately! Any tip? First off all again my appreciation for the quality of work, great! and thanks for the fast reply, yes it is the right hand engine files refuse to load. The left engine went perfectly and on its place, when I fly the aircraft the engine is there both sides the same amount of trust. In plane maker, I see the left engine installed on the aircraft non of the RH one. What happens when I want to load the RH files is s
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