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  1. Audiobird essentially confirmed a 700 FM is coming at some point.
  2. I don't think the FF777 V2 is close to release, they gave very little info on it other then vague hints at it, and the forum used as a source has been locked since like 2012.
  3. New version uploaded on 4/28/19 still has broken throttle response use with all plugins and luas disabled. Loaded at PMDY with no response from the engines. Using Windows 10 with latest stable XP11 update.
  4. I am also having the engine issues, I have tried with all my plugins deactivated and reinstalled the plane twice with nothing helping.
  5. I would also like to have this FM corrected to be more suited to the 700, it just feels wrong to have it as an 800.
  6. If the outrage continues I feel they will pull the Kickstarter and abandon any plans for XP whatsoever.
  7. That KEWR is just the port outside of KEWR, not the airport itself FYI.
  8. Another source for the USA is https://skyvector.com/
  9. I'm new to using lua scripts, do I just paste those lines of code into a notepad text document, save the file as a .lua file and then paste that into the scripts folder of fly with lua?
  10. Can someone repaint the default 172 in this livery https://flightaware.com/photos/view/80547-7e6d27d0d503ad174a4ec35ecf2012ed877224fb/aircraft/N9767F/sort/votes/page/1
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