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    Autoland with Zibo

    Hey guys. I'm just wondering what you guys think. Almost every time i use the auto-land feature, the plane never lands smoothly. It either touches with 1 wheel down first then the other wheel or sometimes it just floats over the run then just smashes down and veers strongly to the right or left. Some Zibo versions the autoland would be cleaner than others. On the current "e" version, i dont think i've made 1 clean auto - land yet. I don't use weather so i know weather and wind is not a factor. Maybe it has something to do with my weights? I set up the init ref and everything properly maybe there is a slight tweak im missing. Any help would be much appreciated and fantastic. I truly enjoy the learning process.
  2. I also downloaded the mobile version of xplane 10 and within 30 minutes I had the desktop version, yolk ordered...the rest is history ..... lol
  3. ive always been into flight simming as a kid - gave it up for many years, stumbled upon captain canada and realized the world really brought flight simming up to date - been in love with xplane (my wallet has too) ever since :)
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