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  1. This still doesn't seem to work still I updated with the fix but I get random events now where I see the log; "Error reading file from server." and no weather.
  2. Ok super odd it started syncing again when I got to my arrival airport.. odd. I had updated the patch that was suppose to fix the issues with connection to xenviro servers, unless there was a newer newer patch.
  3. I was doing some flights and in the Zibo I noticed an issue with the QNH that all the weather was reporting even xEnviro and what was showing up in the PFD. Zibo gives you like a orange floor which usually the QNHs sits on or above. I noticed I was way below it even though the QNH was correctly set. I opened up Xplanes settings and could see it was set at 1015 not 1008 which is what it said the QNH was in the weather briefing I know there was issues syncing weather with xplane but I assume that was only weather not the QNH/Altimeter as that is going to cause some issues with landing etc? That a new bug? I don't remember having this issue before just recently. xEnviroLog.txt
  4. So I wanted to start this off by saying awesome job, love the program, and I know there is issues but I was curious about some odd cloud cover I was seeing, wondered whether this was an known issue or not; Seems little box'd shaped cloud cover, its a bit weird.
  5. sometimes.. I really have to look at a photo twice... someshots are just like... is that real?
  6. I did fix this, I had to delete the xenviro.pfr file in outputs/preferences restart the game load it again and activate again.
  7. Hi, So I've tried turning xEnviro on and it comes on an updates and I can see that the license is valid in the about page, but I'm not getting any cloud just CAVOK state, I have looked in the log and all I see is this; [20:40:28] xEnviro startup OK [20:40:28] Downloading weather at 20:40 [20:40:28] wx download start [20:40:28] New cells created around 707,897 [20:40:28] VIEWPORT [20:40:28] viewport = 1920 2160 [20:40:28] screen = 1920 1080 [20:40:44] wx download end [20:40:44] wx change end [20:40:44] wx update ******************************************* [20:40:44] Aloft data corrupted [20:40:44] our cell is 707 897 24m EGLL vis 0 satlev=0m [20:40:44] wx update completed ********************************* [20:40:44] wx update ******************************************* [20:40:44] Aloft data corrupted [20:40:44] our cell is 707 897 24m EGLL vis 0 satlev=0m [20:40:44] wx update completed ********************************* [20:40:57] xEnviro has stopped Looks like some data corruption? I've tried reinstalling xenviro but it didn't make any difference. Any ideas?
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