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  1. That does seem odd....I would try to delete your prefs file (back it up first) and even check for updates for x-plane making sure not to overwrite any files you have changed in the scenery or resources folder (back them up) just in case there is a glitch in your base X-Plane install. Cant think of anything else...looks OK to me as well
  2. Not sure if this request was posted, may have been on the old Discord site. Will it be possible to save the aircrafts "winglet" state from the Ctrl panel. I usually fly with just STD winglets, and need to keep changing the default to that. Also would it be possible to include a "no bumps of the roof" (Satcom?) varient in the ctrl panel which can also be saved as your default? Many thanks Chris
  3. Being a "rusted on" FSX, then P3D user I tried x-plane 8 a few years ago, and tbh, thought meh! Models were average, scenery average, but it did give me better frame rates, but there was not enough CRC to "un rust" me, so like many, I bought addons for FSX/P3D to the tune of around 1k or so and was happy chappy. I was looking thru Youtube a few weeks back and stumbled on a clip entitled real or not, or is this real? (Can't recall the title exactly) It was a passengers eye view of Corfu, and when I saw that it was done on x-plane 11, I thought bl**dy hell, that looked seriously good. Then I saw the default 738, then the Zibo Mod, and the ULT 739, with all the reflections, scenery with natural haze, HDR, and I was sold There is a growing community here, and I suspect at a rapid rate, with sooooo many free addons, authored by talented individuals! I havn't used P3D since, but still keep my FSX install, which is a period install (1970) for "spotting" at EGCC where I spent my pre teen years Loving X-Plane 11 Cheers Chris
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