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  1. Good luck! I think we're both in similar stages in development! I really hope you can excecute this!
  2. I think we need more info on information such as applying for clubs, being developers on Threshold, and just general threshold info that's useful for people who aim at not only joining Threshold, but using it as a development platform, or whatever you need! (like me )
  3. We've defiately concidered stuff like that That is on the suggestions board!
    Absoleutely beautiful alteration, that is honestly breathtaking. This is really FPS friendly, even for me who has a pretty beginner pc! I really hope to see more improvements to this!
  4. This is such a good idea! I hope the Threshold team is able to execute this, as it would be really nice, and convenient.
  5. (I have no idea if this needs administrative approval, so please excuse me if I do) Hello Threshold Forums! I am more than excited to come here after a metally churning experience with X-Plane Forums. But that will be until I start my life up here. I am here to ask, "What aircraft would you want to see most?". To keep it simple I would like GA aircraft only, and only small aircraft. Not like an A380. If you responded to my question, it would really help me out alot in what you guys ant to see in the community, and what you DON'T want to see. Thanks everyone! Happy quarentine!
  6. My story goes through alot of twists and turns, so strap tight, otherwise your going to fall off! My story starts with a tiny 8 yearold watching "X-plane videos's: The beauty of X-Plane 10", I was addicted. I honestly watched that video at least once a month. Then, one unsuspecting birthday, I opened up to find THE MOST prestigious achievement in my life. Inside that tiny packaging, there were the beautiful words, "X-Plane 10"! I WAS SOOOO EXCITED! Along with that, a T.Flight Hostas joystick, which is REALLY bad, bu I still use it! Back then, I was clueless, and had no idea how the videos made it look so good. I only occasionaly played around with it, because the fasted pc in our household was a ASUS Windows 8 1.86ghz CPU clock laptop, which was DEFINATELY not suited for the job. Fast forward 2 years, in 2017 I was in Cincinnati, Ohio for Christmas with my grandparents, and was very suprised to get another present that was unimagineable. "X-Plane 11". I litteraly jumped up in my seat, and jumped up, and down, "YIPEEE! WHOO!". But X-Plane was definately not on my side. You see, I don't have the most suitable financial status for X-Plane. Fast forward to 3 days from now. I at that point wanted to take my passion further. I wanted to develop. Get a team. So I did. I made, "TPX". Now this is my story, so queue the time machine... To today. Yesterday I had already gotten a warning from a moderator on the first day for linking my discord so people could make suggestions. That was totally messed up, but anyway, today, I wanted to post a syatus update. And due to forums, I had to wait for moderator approval of my post. 5 hours later, 13 views, still not approved, 6 hours, the post was gone. I conacted 2 moderators, and they both either ignored me, or just made rude comments and told me to go somewhere else if I didn't like how the place was run. And you know what? I did. I felt that Threshold had the same motive as me. The forums (sorry for my language,) SUCKED. I wanted to restart. Get away from the attrocity and sadness the mods had caused me. So here I am all ready as ever. To restart.
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