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  1. It might be because of the online image compression but the clouds look a bit low res/blurry not detailed/sharp. I don't know might just be me.
  2. I agree with you Magnus, reducing the grain does make the clouds look less detailed... a lot less detailed from the screenshots but I know its not final so whatever. Im glad the definitions will be updated again in the future because from those screenshots (again not final ik), the clouds look more like jell looking puffs back in 1.10.
  3. Version 1.0.2


    Whats the difference? Artificial Horizon colours Airbus Cursor box (changed location and thickness of sides) Command Bars (changed thickness of yellow outline, added black in the center of the middle dot) Fixed Crosshair (changed thickness of the line and brought lines closer together) Corrected yaw indicator (made it larger) Increased visibility of GS/Wind indicator on ND Fixed thickness of IAS and ALT and HDG tapes Reduced the size of the "allign" text first shown when acft powered on (spd, ATT, hdg, alt, v/s in red) Reduced thickness of
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