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    Introduce yourself! What got you using X-Plane?

    Hi All, I've been flying flight simulator since my dad brought home FS98 in .. well yeah 1998. Went all the way through FS2004, FSX (including the latest SE) and I am now transitioning to X-plane 11. I don't fly every week, mainly because of a busy husband/dad's life that I got into recently, but whenever I have some time I hit up my sim and fly myself around (no multiplayer/ivao/vatsim yet). I've been experimenting with some payware FSX planes which really add to immersion and I am now looking into getting some higher quality airplanes both free/payed for X-plane. My other interests in aviation go to a bit of plane spotting and building an ADS-B receiver with a raspberry pi (real fun if you're a bit into electronics and soldering ? ) Greetings from EBBR Ward

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