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  1. Currently using the latest version of the 739 and the latest version of xplane. Haven't noticed when this problem started, but whenever I reach my desired cruising altitude, the autopilot just won't hold at that altitude. It keeps ascending and descending further and further away. But when I set the v/speed to -50 or +50 it'll stabilize itself. The same thing happens on ILS approaches, I had to manually land this aircraft. I've searched everywhere for solutions but couldn't find any, some say that speed could be the cause, but i can guarantee I'm not overspeeding. This doesn't happen with other aircrafts that I fly, which includes the FFA320, mag787, etc. I've came up with a few possibilities: -XP11.4's new flight physics -buggy zibo aircraft Settings & Plugins: -XP11.4b1 -xEnviro v1.11 -FlywithLua (lighting, atmospheric and graphic tweaks) -Blu-FX -ZIBO B737-900 1909 -other unimportant plugins (X-RAAS, Autogate, SAM, etc) System: -Windows 10 64 -GTX 1080 (fps 50) -AMD ryzen 1800X -16GB RAM -Other unimportant PC components (liquid cooling, X370 motherboard, etc)
  2. It'd be cool to make it so that when you go through clouds, raindrops form on the windshield. Maybe by adding rain in the clouds for that to happen? Just a suggestion. Thanks for all your work
  3. Using default clouds the aircraft will reflect the clouds, so it's not possible?
  4. The clouds are nice but, this just ruins everything for me. When I fly over green areas in overcast at cruise altitude, the whole bottom of my plane is green.
  5. The plane needs to be able to refelct the clouds!
  6. The new update seems very promising! Do you plan on making the aircraft able to reflect the clouds? 1.09 and all previous versions doesn't have this feature, making high altitude cruise in overcast conditions a bummer
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