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  1. Hi there, apologies for the late reply. Unfortunately, it is far from pretty simple and actually very difficult to separate the news as it stands. Of course we fully understand your point and it will always be kept in mind if a solution is found in the future.
  2. He's very active in our Discord and I must say I have profound respect for anyone dabbing into volumetrics. This plugin required the study of research papers, and pushes the limitations of X-Plane like xEnviro does already.
  3. Everyone is well aware of what it is But nope. No news on release. The one measurable timescale we have right now is closed beta, which begins on the 30th of July.
  4. Hey there! I think you may have hit some sort of upload limit. Can you try again and if it fails, respond with what the error message is showing?
  5. Well for me, it would have to be in the airliners category. But not those we are all used to. I would like to see a Convair 880/990, Vickers VC-10, Hawker Siddeley Trident, or a decent airliner from that age of aviation. FlyJSim have nailed their 737-200 and 727 Series to an extent, so a great representation of another isn't out of the question. The main issue is of course that most of these no longer fly, though they are the reason all the modern airliners we love exist today.
  6. Best of luck! If you realise this project and maybe others, we will consider offering you a club here on our forum
  7. Threshold takes any accusations of piracy very seriously, in line with our rules. In this instance, I have spoken to a developer of the Magknight team and they have denied the VREF Simulations 787 Freeware looking like the Magknight 787. Therefore, no further action will be taken in this instance. If you wish to discuss this any further, or have evidence to sustain your claim, please message any one of us moderators/captains who will be happy to listen.
  8. Giuliana is the lead developer of ToLiss I believe. Her, Torsten, and two contributors make up the team.
  9. @Mochafd1 Forward your questions to a post in the SAM - Scenery Animation Manager club. Marten is very active there and I'm sure he'll be able to address your questions with the right answers.
  10. That would certainly help bring in some revenue, but I think we'd rather not put the forum behind any sort of paywall. And it can be bypassed easily by creating a new account and joining a club from there. Go to the profile of the member you wish to send a message to, and on the banner image at the top, it says Message in a red-pink box. From there, type you can type your message.
  11. Little late, but FlyTampa are to bring Copenhagen to X-Plane pretty soon.
  12. If you're looking for SAM to work at default airports, you will have to purchase WorldJetways, which I believe is the payware product you are referring to. The free version is compatible with all custom scenery packages that support it.
  13. I know this reply is extremely late, but only now are we in the process of creating our first newsletter. This will only be for the store, and customers must opt-in to marketing to be able to receive it. I'm hoping to distribute the first newsletter at the end of this month (May). As for the editorial, we need some more manpower to be able to do weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly summaries. But the idea is not out of the question. A similar story applies to the phone app, though since the first post in this thread, we have brought on-board some amazing people working behind the scenes on
  14. Thanks for the feedback! I can agree that it can be a little difficult to navigate the forum outside of the clubs and we'll keep that in mind as we continue to grow.
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