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  1. Many thanks for your feedback! I'll relay this back to the team and gather their thoughts about this.
  2. The second snippet of code in the original post should work. Here it is again for reference: set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/csm_split_exterior", 4) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/csm_split_interior", 4) set( "sim/private/controls/fbo/shadow_cam_size", 6144) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/cockpit_near_adjust", 2) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/cockpit_near_proxy", 1.5) set( "sim/private/controls/shadow/csm/far_limit", 1000) If that makes it bad, then it is likely you have other scripts interfering.
  3. Version 1.1


    This is the livery for Thomas Cook Airlines' new 'sunny heart' livery, originally unveiled in 2013. At present, Thomas Cook Airlines (UK) have just one Airbus A320 in their fleet - the remainder of aircraft are A321s, A332s and B753s. Install in X-Plane 11/Aircraft/.../Flight Factor Airbus A320/liveries, making sure to extract the folder. Features Accurate colours: using the CMYK colours defined by Thomas Cook themselves Accurate placement of the logo: on both sides of the tail, on the wingtip fences and also to the right of the passenger boarding doors High attention to detail: intricate parts such as the over-wing emergency exits look like the real thing; electrostatic wingtips are painted, etc. History of the aircraft Leased to MyTravel in 2003 as G-YLBM, brand new Leased to MyTravel Airways in 2004 as OY-VKS Leased to Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia in 2008 Leased to Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium in 2015 as OO-TCW Leased to Thomas Cook Airlines in 2017 as G-TCAE Leased to Thomas Cook Airlines Balearics in 2018 as EC-MTJ --- Note: I will be updating this livery again in the future (including the cabin). Be sure to follow this download for notifications. If you find something drastically wrong with this livery or would like to see an improvement, please don't hesitate to PM!
  4. Only xEnviro is used in these. No Reshade or similar.
  5. The community backlash through our Facebook page, their Facebook page and in many other areas, has been mostly satire, to say the least.
  6. They have very much discussed a decent level of systems, which has led to this whole situation by the looks of things. They were also looking at using the default FMS a few days ago.
  7. Actually, yes we have: The problem with Milviz is that their PR is very poor. Yesterday for example, they published their work on the PBR materials for the ATR, and in the comments stated the X-Plane version was still in the works (comment now deleted). Less than 24 hours later, they said the decision to develop it for X-Plane has not yet been made. Because they keep changing their minds, we've kind of stopped giving them press coverage until they say for definite. As for AirFoilLabs, the 350 is almost complete as far as I'm aware.
  8. I believe you are using SAM for the jetways? If so, you can consider posting to the SAM club here. Be sure to give details of things like aircraft in use and things like that.
  9. One other thing I forgot to point out, using my settings without csm_split_exterior also seemed to fix it... Very strange indeed.
  10. Great list! Small correction for you: the A380 is now under the company name iniSimulations as of a week ago. Also you spelt our team member's name wrong (Peter Tram)!
  11. OK so I just took at these horrible low-angled shadows and csm_split_exterior 4 seems to fix it totally. Maybe I just never had FWL installed... I am still using the same shadow settings as I outlined in the original post BTW. So if you try just that one line with no other scripts installed, it will hopefully make things better. If anyone has any issues, feel free to post below.
  12. Some interesting datarefs I've yet to come across there. I'll add this to my to-do list to try and find a fix, which I'll begin to work through this Friday.
  13. I am aware and pretty annoyed by them too. Still looking for a solution. Follow this thread to be notified when I find a solution.
  14. Looking again at the log.txt and scenery_packs.ini, it looks like HD Mesh is indeed overriding what's below it. The solution is to move HD Mesh down below the orthos.
  15. Ah right, sorry I didn't realise that was there. I'm looking at HD Mesh V4 as a likely suspect, because by default, you can't have HD Mesh and ortho loaded at the same time, since they both use the same file names whilst loaded. In short: if scenery packs load two or more .dsf tiles for the same tile, the one higher in scenery_packs.ini will take priority.
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