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  1. Have a look into the files. Find a livery that works, and look at the file names of the textures. Then compare to the Alaska file names and amend where necessary. Also make sure you're using the right livery on the correct version.
  2. Ðŗąçø

    xEnviro 1.1 proof of concept

    VR is something that cannot be implemented overnight. The coding required to achieve it is certainly not a walk in the park. Drawing the same scene twice also requires a lot of computing power, and it's still not very feasible to do on single machines right now. We need to get the base of xEnviro right first. Then we can add all the nice extras such as VR support. Official VR support will come to xEnviro eventually. 1.07 was a fluke that works in VR, so give that a go if you'd like to try it now.
  3. Ðŗąçø

    Ðŗąçø's Best Screenshots

    A collection of some of the best screenshots I can take in X-Plane - unedited. Follow this album to get notifications for new content.
  4. Ðŗąçø

    List of best freeware scenery

    The website seems to be working for me just fine. Have a look. Otherwise it may be something on your end/blocked in your country.
  5. Ðŗąçø

    Default B58 Paint Kit

    I'll be updating it again soon as I don't like the darkness around the wings and tail, as a quick FYI.
  6. Ðŗąçø

    Started an xEnviro club

    Welcome! Early betas are not supported by many developers - xEnviro is one of them. But you can check whether xEnviro really is conflicting by installing a second copy or the demo. If the issue persists, then there's not a lot that can be done, unless there's some setting that you need to change on your end. 1.07 relies on a lot of the code that Laminar Research keeps changing. It's unpractical to keep old versions alive and slow down progress of new ones - I'm sure you've seen the development of 1.10. xEnviro will get VR support. Maybe not in 1.10, but certainly in the future. Edit: 1.10 will NOT have VR support.
  7. Ðŗąçø

    VR Headsets

    I have only ever used the Rift, and it's a good headset in general. I get around 20 fps in VR which is enough, although settings need to be turned down quite a bit. I find it far more pleasing to turn the Oculus Tray Tool's super sampling and force 45fps override off, otherwise they cause immense stuttering. A lot of aircraft still don't work in VR, or very poorly. FlyJSim 732, all Flight Factor aircraft and several others have different experiences, mostly negative unfortunately. Hopefully devs will offer support pretty soon. My specs are: i5-4690K, GTX 970 and 32GB of RAM, no SSDs.
  8. Version 1.0


    Making this made me question why Laminar Research don't make their own even more so... This paint kit/white livery was made with a LOT of attention to detail. It consisted of three main steps: Stripping the paint off the default livery - didn't take too long, but some areas were a pain to do Re-applying the base colour with barely visible texturing - rather than a simple gradient, I re-applied the noise and distortion found in white areas for a more natural look Drawing on lines and rivets back on one-by-one - The number of rivets I had to draw has to be in the 000's easily. This took many hours, and a lot of patience The end result is here for you to enjoy! And no, I don't think I'll do one of these again... ?
  9. Ðŗąçø

    Weekly updates

    OCT 16 2018 : THE BEST OF HAZE xEnviro calculates haze scattering using large particle size producing various visual effects. Separate calculation for the haze layer allows us to recreate haze for different types of pollutants.
  10. Ðŗąçø

    Changing display names?

    I shall forward your request to a Captain.
  11. Ðŗąçø

    Weekly updates

    OCT 09 2018 : CLOUD FORMS After all the unsuccessful attempts to apply ray traced lighting to the X-Plane world we have decided to use simplified light model, although not physically correct this provides far better visual results when applied within X-Plane rendering frame. While we keep fine tuning the light model we do adjustment of the cloud forming rules in parallel trying to keep the best balance between performance and visual quality.
  12. Ðŗąçø

    Weekly updates

    SEP 09 2018 : DYNAMIC SNOW Discovered by mistake, turned out to be easy to implement, dynamic snow for the mountain areas will be featured in the 1.10 xEnviro release. Mountain dynamic snow is based on the regional average snow line altitudes and works on ortho, custom textures and custom sceneries. This feature is to be expanded to display seasonal changes in X-Plane based on the server seasonal data in the subsequent xEnviro updates. SEP 17 2018 : ATMOSPHERE AND CLOUDS For the entire week we have been working on the aerial perspective applied to the terrain and our new clouds as well as direct sunlight that needs to be matched with the native x-plane light levels. As in all the previous versions xEnviro still keeps the ability to change the atmosphere parameters and the resulting visual representation by using scattering and phase equations producing various effects like glory, fogbow and even rainbow. SEP 25 2018 : SHADOWS We got clouds so we need shadows. We need shadows to be fast. Also to be realistic and fast. We need shadows to cover ground objects and other clouds and yet to be fast. After running some experiments we have found a very fast way to draw cloud shadows still maintaining an acceptable level of detail. Unfortunately, this requires us to reformat cloud rendering procedures so our clouds can drop nice shadows and still be fast. OCT 02 2018 : THE GLORIOUS SUN This week we are adjusting xEnviro's sun illumination model to better match X-Plane internal illumination. Not a trivial task, with somehow limited control over X-Plane light, we are to find a good balance between two worlds.

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