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    This paint has been updated to work with Carda Jowol's excellent RB211 improvement/mod for the FlightFactor 757-200v2. Textures have been included so that the repaint will also work without the mod. The mod can be found here: Please let me know if you have any suggestions/ feedback
  2. Well the lockdown boredom, got to me, and I ended up attempting my first repaint. My JMC paint is now available on Xplane.org for anyone interested. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/70255-jmc-air-flight-factor-757-200v2/
  3. Hi all! Could I request either a JMC Air or My Travel livery for the 757V2? Two early 2000's UK charter staples that had a major part to play in sparking my love for aviation growing up. Sadly neither has a working livery for V2. Thanks in advance!
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