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  1. Hello, We have recently added a few things to the Phenom such as a cockpit and many other features to the exterior of the aircraft. We still are changing some thing and they may not be final as well as some bugs we are experiencing. As always make sure to check out our discord for more updates: https://discord.gg/cNWQddn
  2. Thank you very much for the nice comment and we will definitely consider that thank you. Have a great day
  3. Sorry to say but just cause you think you are part of the discord doesn’t mean you know if it’s their, and also secondly I would like to adresss to everyone that it isn’t copied and actually if You stopped making alt accounts try and get rid of my ‘company’ you won’t. You aren’t doing the right think this place was made for people to become friends together and give things to each other but right now all your giving it’s false information and if you actually worked for the dev team at VREF you would know that we take things like that seriously and don’t allow of it we also will never copy from another aircraft as that’s not the point of developing, the only time we would use their things is when we get permission to do it by the head developer of the aircraft giving us permission and also said publicly by them. Me and my dev team are trying to make an aircraft and at this time we don’t appreciate the false info to make us have to deal with things like this. And I don’t think you want to deal with me getting someone to prove you wrong, so if you would like me to happily tell me. And I will get someone who I think you will believe. Kind Regards, Mathio
  4. Hello, Matt from VREF and we have some updates on the Phenom 100. The plane fuselage is completly new, now it have less vertices, pols and triangles, resulting in a lighter model, we also did the first animation for landing gear **Not definitive and the first step to do the plane cabin Make sure to check out the discord and the full development info: https://vrefsimulations.wixsite.com/vref/post/development-blog-2-phenom-100-positive-rate-gear-up https://discord.gg/DJWPkrq Kind Regards, VREF Simulations (Stay Safe) Blender__D__3DMODELS_phenom100_phenom100tryBACKUP.blend_2020-05-11_13-34-47.mp4
  5. Hello, Matt from VREF Simulations and I am happy announce our Phenom 100 Freeware for X-Plane 11. We have just started this project but we hope that you guys will enjoy the screenshots we have so far . As always make sure to check out our discord for early updates: https://discord.gg/DJWPkrq Kind Regards, VREF Simulations Dev Team (Stay Safe)
  6. Hello, Mathio from VREF Simulations and I would like to show you and tell you are future plans for the 787 freeware we are developing. This project has started recently and we want to bring high quality freeware to X-Plane. As you can see in the pictures below, we have already started. We will make sure that you get more info along the journey and if you want to get updates earlier than others check out our discord: https://discord.gg/8p9f5Xy Kind Regards, VREF Simulations Dev Team (Stay Safe)
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