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  1. hi i have some ideas for hungaryvfr, (airports, stuff like that) (note that this is just a request. you dont need to do it) so i kindly share my thoughts on what you should make Debrecen airport (LHDC) Debrecen City Overlay (like the budapest one, osm data) Pecs Pogany Airport (LHPP) and with the city overlay Miskolc airport sounds like a great idea too (LHMC) And i just wanna say, Thank you for your hard work, I love Hungary and thank you for making Hungary VFR
  2. hello there i- accidentally downloaded a skycolor pack from the org forum and in my stupidity i forgot to back up the originals- so... i need the default skycolors... can someone send me the file? i miss the purple sunsets
  3. can someone make this compatible for x plane 10
    ayy nice job this looks like payware yet its FREE thank u NHadrian THANK U!!! ur the best
    can u make it compatible for x plane 11.00??
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